I figured I'd go ahead and release a WIP version, since it's taking me a long time to really get anything done because of irl situations. I'll make updates whenever I happen to get to it.

Make sure you have Cheat Engine installed before downloading this!

After downloading and opening the file, follow the video or text below.

If you haven't yet, make sure to enable MEM_MAPPED within the settings in Cheat Engine, or else Yuzu or other Emulators won't work! (Picture below)


Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Cheat Table 2.0 By Ultralistic

My first Cheat Table. Hope this works well!

Using this requires a bit of manual work.

Step 1: Start Hyrule Warriors on Yuzu.


Step 2: Connect Cheat Engine to Yuzu.


Step 3: Set Value Type to 8 Bytes and enable Hex.


Step 4: Paste this Value ffff00c200000072 into the search bar, then press First Scan.


Step 5: Right-Click and copy (or Ctrl+C) the first address shown on top of the results.


Step 6: After copying the address, Right-Click the red text (with ffff00c200000072) within the Table and select "Recalculate new address", then select tab "Change to address", paste the copied address (if it's not automatically pasted in the box) then select 'Change'. All the addresses within the Table should change correctly.


When or if Yuzu crashes, repeat the process above and you'll be back on track!

HWDE Cheat Table 2.0:

-Current Rupees
-Character Select Values
-Player's Battlefield Data
-Adventure Mode
-All Materials

Current Rupees:

The amount of Rupees you have currently. Right-Click and select "Change Record" then "Value", or Double Click the Value, or Press Enter while highlighting to edit the amount. No enabling required.

Character Select Values:

You will get a dropdown list of Character values, which you can edit and replace. Such as, turn Link into Dark Link or into Zelda. When you select Link, wielding the Master Sword for example, you will have Zelda wielding the Master Sword instead. You can also have NPCs and Bosses replace the characters. Bosses will crash the game after the victory pose. To play as NPCs/Bosses correctly, replace the playable Ganon or Cucco with the boss values. Right-Click and select "Change Record" then "Value", or Double Click the Value, or Press Enter while highlighting to edit. No enabling required.


Player's Battlefield Data:

After you've selected your characters and go into battle, you'll get a list containing data of your selected characters for Player 1, 2 ,3 and 4. Showing their portrait values, voice values, character models, running speed, sprinting speed, physical size, shader effects etc. Which you can edit and make yourself tiny or giant. Give yourself the Dark Link shader or the ghost shader. Make yourself run very fast. Even change your voice to make Link sound and talk like Zelda. In order for some changes to take effect, like the ghost shader or tiny/giant size, you'll need to restart the battle or have the code enabled before the battle loads. Make sure that particular address is enabled so the values don't reset!


Adventure Mode:

Contains all the adventure maps, which you can unlock all the squares and have each one completed with A ranks! You can have all item cards. Have all squares reveal hidden enemies. After having all squares in a map completed with all A ranks or whatever, in order for a map to be registered as completed, you'll need to play a mission. For the Termina Map, the moon won't go away until you've completed the final mission within the moon. You'd still have to manually unlock the weapons, costumes and heart pieces of all the characters. No enabling required.

All Materials:
A list of all the materials which you can edit to get up to 999 each. You can edit the value of this to effect all the other materials within the dropdown. Right-Click and select "Change Record" then "Value", or Double Click the Value, or Press Enter while highlighting to edit the amount. No enabling required.